Veterans Encouraged to Wear Military Medals on Veterans Day

November 8, 2006

WASHINGTON – Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson called on veterans across the country to pin on their military medals Saturday as a show of patriotism on Veterans Day.

"On this holiday we honor the 24 million among us who once wore our nation’s uniforms to serve the cause of liberty," he said.  "By displaying their medals, veterans can band together again by to show their pride in America and its Armed Forces on this special day."

Nicholson launched the "Veterans Pride Initiative” for Veterans Day 2006 to encourage the wearing of military medals as a gesture of patriotism.  Veterans are urged to show their medals no matter what they are doing on Veterans Day, but especially when attending public events.  Nicholson said he hopes to see the movement become a tradition.

Additional information about the initiative is featured at VA's Web site at, where veterans can also learn how to replace mislaid medals or confirm the decorations to which they are entitled.

Nicholson said he hopes veterans will sustain the trend by wearing medals on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, and continue to show pride in their military service on these patriotic holidays for years to come.

Major U.S. veterans organizations joined Nicholson at a recent kickoff to endorse the Veterans Pride Initiative.